Karina Garrison
Karina Garrison
- 2018 Author of the year & Inspirational Speaker


I’m delighted you’re here.

Perhaps you read my novel, Tempting Faith, and are looking for Reigning Grace, Book 2, or perhaps you’re here to learn more about me.

In either case, welcome.

I’m Karina. I’m a word worshipper (epeolatry), lover of a riveting story, and obsessed with the letter K.

I also possess many other traits, eccentricities and passions that always show up in my work. Hopefully, that’s a good thing.


“Turning ordinary words into extraordinary worlds.”

- Karina Garrison


Please stay a while. Browse my site, and develop a sense of who I am professionally and personally. There’s even a contact link to reach me with questions or comments. 

Right now, it’s time for another espresso, and to let my imagination get back to work. After all, characters are waiting, and hopefully, so are you if you’re one of my readers.


Much love,